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Thames Coffee Table

I am so proud of this lovely coffee table depicting the flow of the Thames through London. It is made of soft, warm oak which has been carefully oiled. Through the flow of the river it contains part of a lovely quotation about the Thames by Kipling, “The River’s Tale”.

I’m perfectly happy to customise the table any way you’d like, nothing is too much trouble. For example…

  • With/Without the quote
  • Oiled/Bare oak
  • Different length legs
  • Bigger/Smaller

Please do get in touch with any questions and let us know if you love it, note in the photos above the second photo shows the table untreated.

The table is 100cm wide x 45cm wide by 38cm high (and remember this can be modified)

As the table is large, if you’re thinking of buying from outside the UK then please do get in touch with me first so I can provide you with a personalised shipping quote.

Thanks for viewing!

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